NPG History

NPG-LOGO-Bridge_Square_iPhotoNew Performance Group and Studio NPG


in collaboration with entities both at home and abroad:


  • Original Music Video and song, Saudade
  • Debut of original Music Video Our Common Humanity in concert 5/26/18
  • Performance Skills for Singer-Songwriters & Vocalists in collaboration with DARIA
  • Our new Voyager Project begins 2016 with Nomad Notes and a Slideshow
  • Produced and starred in 9-Part Series, entitled Building Bridges, now free to view on Youtube about the making of the Concert Film, Like A Bridge.
  • Produced and starred in full-length Concert Film Like A Bridge, now on  iTunes and Google Play
  • When in Rome starring Lua Hadar with Twist at the Italian Cultural Institute & Feinstein’s at the Nikko Hotel Union Square, San Francisco
  • American Jazz Standards Master Class in Lille, France, with Dave Austin and Albin Suffys, 2015
  • Lua Hadar with Twist at Robert Mondavi Winery
  • Cabaret Comico 2015 in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute & Dallo Sciamano allo Showman
  • Co-produced Cabaret Comico 2013, 2014 in collaboration with Society Cabaret
  • Produced French Music Hall-style show C’est Magnifique in Paris and San Francisco
  • Lua Hadar with Twist at Yoshi’s Jazz Club 2012, 2013
  • Cultural Exchange with French Musicians October 2012
  • Improvisation Classes with Marcia Kimmell at Studio NPG
  • On-Camera and Voiceover Classes with David Rosenthal at Studio NPG
  • Master Classes for Singers with Broadway Star Faith Prince and Natasha Burr
  • Salon Concert Series,  2011-2013
  • Like A Bridge and the Bridges Project, an international CD, DVD, Live Performance and teaching project featuring Lua Hadar with TWIST.
  • Like A Bridge Premiere at the Historic Balboa Theater, San Francisco
  • NPG Music Party Events, Studio NPG, 2011-2013
  • P.R. Bootcamp for professional and pre-professional performers, Studio NPG, March-April 2011, Nov 2011-March  2012
  • Singers Master Class & Concert at Studio NPG & Thick House, San Francisco, 2010
  • Cultural Exchange Concert & Master Class in Lille & Lomme, France, 2010
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST in French Connection, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, 2010
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST in French Connection, Rrazz Room San Francisco, 2009
  • Paris Debut Lua Hadar at the Swan Bar, Paris, France, 2009
  • Bangkok 10th International Festival of Dance & Music, with TWIST, Thailand, 2008
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST indie CD release at the Iridium Jazz Club, New York, 2008
  • Sing Out Loud Master Class, with Kitchenette Productions, San Francisco, 2006-2010
  • It’s About Time indie CD Release, San Francisco, The Purple Onion & The Plush Room, 2005-2006
  • It’s About Time Already! on tour to The Gardenia Supper Club, Los Angeles, 2006
  • Thick Tuesdays Workshops for Singers, at Thick House theater, San Francisco, 2000-2005
  • Italian National Festival of Comic Song: From the Shaman to the Showman, cultural exchange, with The Kitchenettes, Italy, 2003
  • Haki International Children’s Art Festival, Arts in Education Cultural Exchange Presentation, Fukuoka, Japan, 2002. Reception of Japanese delegation in SF Bay Area, 1999
  • French Cabaret for Toulouse-Lautrec & the Spirit of Montmartre, Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 2001
  • Centro Culturale Teatro Camuno Concert Festival Cultural Exchange, The Languages of Love, Italy, 2000
  • European  & North American tour, A.I.D.A. Centro Teatro Ragazzi di Verona, Italy, 1985-90
  • Centro Culturale Teatro Camuno, Creative Drama Program, Breno, Italy, 1989-1990
NPG Music Party

One of the many Music Parties given at Studio NPG

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